Terms of Sale

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You must first agree to the following TERMS OF SALE to place an order.

Terms and conditions of sale

These terms and conditions of sale shall govern all orders and buyer shall be deemed to have agreed to them. Any attempt to change or add to these terms by buyer, is hereby rejected. Buyer shall be deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions of sale by placing an order, accepting delivery or by making payment hereunder. All of the terms and conditions of sale appear on this form and no modifications or additions can be made except in a writing signed by both parties that expressly references the amendment of these terms.

Cuttings for approval

Shipped fabrics may deviate from swatches, memos, or showroom samples due to variation in dye lot, yarn, or spinning lots. A CFA is taken from the exact bolt that your fabric will be cut, therefore, you will be assured of the correct color,and weave. We must know the exact yardage that you require to make sure you receive the correct CFA. CFA's are required before authorization to ship.


You have the option of ordering a memo for a $10.00 charge. This fee is refundable with return of memo. All memos must be returned within 30 days or no refund will be applied. CFA's will still be required even though a memo has been requested. No order will ship on the approval of a memo only.

Minimum orders

There is a minimum order of one yard of fabric. In addition some manufacturers will require a minimum of two or more yards. You will be informed of requirements upon receipt of a quote request. We must abide by each individual manufacturer's minimum requirements.


All prices will be designer's net price plus a 20% processing fee. In addition, ship charges will apply. In some cases cut charges may apply. Cut charges occur when a manufacturer will sell less than their minimum for a fee.


Certain states may impose taxes. You will be notified of any tax due at the time we return your quote request. If a customer is tax exempt, the customer must provide a copy of their exemption certificate for our records.


The customer agrees to pay all freight, shipping, special handling, or packaging charges from the site of manufacturer to the delivery location. Most manufacturers ship in stock cut yardage within a few days of receipt of order and release of CFA. Special order or back order items will have longer lead times. Manufacturers use their own dedicated carriers. We will do our best to get the lowest ship cost to you. Rush shipments generally will cost more. You will be charged the exact ship cost as quoted by the manufacturer when items are released for shipment. Upon release of shipment customer will be emailed a tracking number from the respective carrier in order to determine delivery date.


An order is considered true when Plus20 Design has received an approval of CFA, an authorization to purchase and an acceptance of terms and conditions of sale. All orders must include exact yardage requirements along with ship to information including contact phone number and hours of availability for delivery. All orders must be paid in full before release. All items reserved on a "back order" basis require a 50% deposit.

Back orders

From time to time items may be placed on "back order" status. Plus20 Design has no control over the status of a back order. Back order dates are also subject to change. Plus20 Design will keep the customer informed of any change in a back order status.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. Returns will only be accepted for defective merchandise under the terms and conditions of the respective manufacturer. All fabric must be inspected before any cuts are made. After cuts are made no returns will be honored. No merchandise may be returned without the manufacturer's prior approval and instruction.


It is up to the customer, their installer and /or fabricator to determine the suitability of fabric or wallcovering purchased for end use. Plus 20 Design is not responsible for the suitability of any fabric or wallcovering purchased.

Plus20 Design further warrants all items to be free from defects in design, materials, or workmanship to the same extent as warranted by the manufacturer or supplier.

This contract contains all the terms, provisions, conditions, and warranties of the sales agreement, and no extension, modifications, or amendment shall be valid unless stated in writing and signed by the buyer and selling agent.